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Syndicated Loans

Loan syndication is a form of lending whereby a group of banks (the “Lenders”) provide the funding to a Borrower.

Facility Agent

The Facility Agent’s role in a syndicated loan structure is to manage all administrative aspects of the loan. A major component of the administration function is to facilitate the ongoing communication between the Lenders and the Borrower. We would be pleased to act as Facility Agent, our services comprise the following:

  • facilitating the opening of a bank account(s)
  • calculation of ratios, interest and payments
  • monitoring of accounts and collateral
  • periodic reporting and information undertakings
  • processing & facilitating of payments, requests and communication



Security Agent

In a secured syndicated loan structure, a Borrower is requested to provide some form of collateral to secure the loan. The security trustee (the “Security Agent”) is appointed to hold the security in the interest of the Lenders. We would be pleased to act as Security Agent, a role we can combine with acting as Facility Agent. Our services comprise the following:

  • setting up of the Loan Security
  • perfecting the Loan Security
  • maintenance, monitoring and periodic reporting
  • enforcement in an event of a default


To develop and deliver the most relevant solutions to suit your particular goals, we work together with the finest lawyers and financial experts. With our roots in banking and a large international network, we have the global reach and local knowledge to help you succeed.


Secured Syndicated Loan

  1. The Lenders fund the loan to the Facility Agent who pools the funds in a designated account.
  2. The Facility Agent makes the funds available to the Borrower.
  3. During the life of the loan, the Borrower makes principal and interest payments, which are administered by the Facility Agent.
  4. At the same time, principal and interest payments received by the Facility Agent are disbursed to the respective Lenders.
  5. The Borrower provides Loan Security to the Security Agent.
  6. The Security Agent manages and holds the Loan Security for the benefit of the Lenders.
  7. In an event of default, the Security Agent will receive and act upon instruction from the Lenders.

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